Thursday, March 24, 2011

Skills USA State

I competed in the Skills USA State competition over the past couple day. It was an awesome experience were I was able to compare my knowledge and skill in photography to that of the rest of the students in the state of Utah. We had to take a written test on the various components of photography like aperture, shutter speed, ISO, rule of thirds, ect. Then we had to go to a computer lab to make a panorama and color correct a very askew image and create a photo-montage out of nine random pictures that they gave us. After that we had to go to the studio and take pictures given the specifications that they gave us and I did awesome in this part the guy was really impressed in my knowledge of studio lighting! Then we had to go on an hour on campus shoot were we had to take pictures of specific categories that we were assigned then go back to the lab and edit those in Photoshop. At the awards ceremony that night when they got to photography they called third place.... not me, then they called second place.... not me and I figured my chances of getting in the top three were slim at that point, but then when calling the first place they call "From Murray High School" and my mind starts racing and I think oh my gosh I'm the only photographer from Murray! Then they call "Cameron Pickle" and I was so excited, I'm still excited right now, ha ha I won 1st place in the state of Utah in photography! Now I go on to nationals to compete with the best photographer from each state!!!