Friday, July 29, 2011


Nationals was such a great experience! I learned so much there that will help me to better my photography. We spent a whole week at Kansas City, MO. The competition itself only spread over the course of two days the rest of the time was spent at different activities that Skills had set up for us. For the first day of the competition we had our photo shoot. The next day was full of thing we had to do: we had to create a contact sheet form photos we took the previous day; we had to identify various problems in photos; we had to do a studio shoot; we had to edit a photo and replace one plane with another in the same image; we had to have an interview; we had to take a written test; and we were able to meet with some professional photographers and review our portfolios. During the course of the competition I knew I had made some stupid mistakes that would cost me later but were to late to fix. Then I found out at the end of the nationals competition that I took 13th in the nation. Not bad for my first time around but next year I will get 1st! :)